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We believe going to work should be a pleasurable experience. We work as a team and value each team member’s contribution. Smiles and friendly banter are very much part of the DNA of our office environment. 


As a small firm we aim to create a warm, supportive workplace where staff are encouraged to grow both professionally and personally. We work hard and pride ourselves on offering a highly professional client experience.


GCG Accountants is a family oriented firm and many of our staff have children. We are focused on offering flexibility and compassion so our people have the ability to balance their work/personal/family life.

Social activities are regularly organised and these get togethers’ play an important role in building and strengthening staff relationships setting the foundations for a positive and cooperative work environment.


We employ staff at different stages of their learning and professional careers and we encourage our people to challenge themselves and grow in all areas of life. Our firm offers a range of opportunities for growth and development.


If you are genuinely interested in a firm which provides an enjoyable work environment and gives you the opportunity to accomplish and achieve in the accounting field we may be the right fit for you.


Come and talk to us about a potential career within our team.